3 thoughts on “YARN BOMBING BOOKS

  1. Corrina

    Hey Ilianthe,
    I just downloaded your book for my ipad- and love the passion you have for all things yarn! I too am a lover of yarn and fabric, although I tend to do more patchwork than knitting at the moment- much to my mother & grandmothers disgust!! I am a winemaker in McLaren Vale, and we are looking at yarn bombing some old vines for a photo shoot & potential new wine label. I am wondering if you may be available as a consultant to assist us, or come down and give us a bit of a hands on pep talk!?! We have lots of knitting/crochet done, but wondering if you may have some special tips. This of course would be a paid gig (unless you love wine a lot and then we can do swaps!). If you are not keen, perhaps you could recommend us to one of your colleagues? Look forward to hearing from you. Cheers & Regards, Corrina

    1. yarnbomb Post author

      Hi. Corrina. Yes I would be very interested in working with you! I’ve had a look at your website. I will send more personal details through the contact on the site! Cheers & look forward to meeting you


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