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Knit bomb poles. These poles made it through a rainy winter & they are still vibrant.

Shabby yarn bomb screen door. The knitted strips add colour & extra privacy.Yarn bomb tree. This crochet tree made it safely through winter & soon it will be in spring bloom.

This lovely crochet doll was a rescue knit from my local thrift store.


Crochet is such a versatile craft you can crochet a blanket a tea cosie or even a tree cosie.

I spotted this great yarn bomb tree cosie when I was taking a stroll through Port Adelaide. The vintage buttons look fantastic with the bright yarn and textured tree bark. I also picked up some great vintage crochet blankets from Port Adelaide Vinnies thrift store and they look great in my house as wall hangings and throw rugs.

I love decorating with yarn and felt toys and this little toy is something that I hand stitched when I was on holiday in a caravan and now it’s stuck to the front front door.

I love crafting on my holidays because I find it so relaxing. I sewed this little felt toy while I was on a family holiday at christmas. The buttons make great eyes although they are probably not safe for children under three but since I’m in my thirties I think I can manage not to swallow the buttons.


In many of my previous blog posts I have showcased photographs of the amazing yarn bombing work done in Port Adelaide and I thought it was time for a brief update.

The most exciting part about the mass yarn bombing of Port Adelaide is that the community loves it so much that people just keep adding to it. Random poles and Tree’s are being covered in knitting and crochet when one least expects it.

The original yarn bombings are still being enjoyed.

Even the local council seems to like the yarn bombing as they have opted to leave it intact.The local workers memorial statue has been wearing a knitted scarf and hat for several months now and no amount of wind or rain has damaged her yarn garments.


I yarn bombed this old wooden walking cane with vibrant nylon knitting yarn.

I found this wooden toy horse at my local vinnies thrift store & I decided to yarn bomb it.
I love my local vinnies thrift store and this yarn bombed pole.I found this pre-loved hand knitted toy at vinnies for half price. I thought the care that must have been taken in knitting this toy deserved to be seen by more people, so I took a few polaroids of it to share.I found this little needlepoint in a kit at a market bazaar when I was on a visit to Tasmania and I stitched it up while I was on my holiday.


Yarn bombed scooter, decorated with crochet. By Auntie Pearl & her niece Amanda

Yarn bombed kids bike, decorated with knitting.

Crochet apple.

Crochet eggplant.

Crochet fruit made by Sarah-Jane cook.

Crochet cakes.

Crochet icing and cherry topper.

Yarn bombed tea pot.

This great flower design tea cosy was bought buy a friend from the beanie festival in Alice Springs. Cosy by Kate B Designs.

This lamp shade has been adorned with little crochet rounds.

Knit bomb it. Craft it. Photograph it.

We have been putting up some yarn bombing around the neighbourhood to brighten things up a bit during winter.

Most of our yarn bombing has been met with appreciation however the the knit bombs in the local playground were removed a few days after these photographs were taken.

It’s always important to photograph your work in case the work is vandalised or removed.

When you are doing public art like yarn bombing you cannot get to attached to the work because it can be tampered with or it could fade in the sun and rain.

However some yarn bombing like the small piece in the tree pictured above lasts and lasts. This piece was done approximately two years ago and the colour is still strong and it has not been removed but it has been stretched a bit.




The anatomy of yarn bombing a bike.


We started with a retired old bike & we knitted & performed feats of crochet as we slowly covered the bike from wheel rim to handle bars with yarn bombing.


Here is the centre of the handle bars. The flower detail is crochet with dangling pompon’s.


The finished product is colourful, squishy & fun.


This is the peddle cog & its been hand wrapped in yarn & crochet.


This wheel is a work of yarn bombed art in itself which could explain why the wheel was stolen.


First one wheel was taken followed by the second wheel.


This note led to the final return of our wheels, unfortunately they were in poor condition when we got them back.



This yarn bombed rocking chair is still a work in progress however it is progressing really fast now. The chair is covered primarily with knitting & a little crochet. The chair lives on the verandah & rocks when its windy.

The rocking chair is solid wood under the festival of coloured yarn.The chair looks different from every angle because of the mix & match colours on the arms & spokes. The texture of the yarn brings an extra dimension to the chair. The brighter yarns tend to be polyester blends while the earth tones are more likely to be sheep’s wool.

The knitted pieces are moulded around the chair arms, seat etc & hand stitched into place.  The chair is soooo much more comfortable to sit on than a plain wood finish chair because the knitted pieces pad it out so nicely.

I’m so excited by this chair that I have just bought one more from the local used furniture store so I that I can yarn bomb a second one, I even felt bold & negotiated a better price for cash.