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In many of my previous blog posts I have showcased photographs of the amazing yarn bombing work done in Port Adelaide and I thought it was time for a brief update.

The most exciting part about the mass yarn bombing of Port Adelaide is that the community loves it so much that people just keep adding to it. Random poles and Tree’s are being covered in knitting and crochet when one least expects it.

The original yarn bombings are still being enjoyed.

Even the local council seems to like the yarn bombing as they have opted to leave it intact.The local workers memorial statue has been wearing a knitted scarf and hat for several months now and no amount of wind or rain has damaged her yarn garments.


I yarn bombed this old rocking chair with my sister in law & now it brightens up her front porch.

 We used scrap wool & nylon ribbon to cover this chair & warm it for winter.

This old fashioned fence post has been yarn bombed with knitted scraps and a crochet hat.This flamingo has been seen around the local park wearing stunning knitted leg warmers and neck warmer.

A tiny piece of yarn bombing being sewn to a pole.

A piece of yarn bombing on the fence of my house.

I yarn bombed this pole in Port Adelaide with a piece of knitting sprinkled with old buttons.

Here are some pictures of my colourful button collection which I enjoy sewing on my yarn bombed works and various craft projects. I love the colours and textures.Vintage buttons are a small treasure which crafters like myself love. Craft items are a satisfying study in photography.