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YARN BOMBING BIKESYarn bombing also known as knit graffiti is a form of anarchic craft that melds traditional knitting and crochet skills with street art and installation art. Yarn bombing is the art of adorning inanimate and often pedestrian objects in colourful knitting or crochet. Poles, lamp posts, street signs and trees are often wrapped in lengths of knitted wool or acrylic yarn. Crochet flowers adorn chain link fences, park benches and bike racks.

Yarn bombing has gained popularity across the world and has begun to attract it’s fair share of media attention. Just type yarn bombing into any internet search engine and a string of blogs, light news articles and colourful pictures will pop up. There are many facebook community pages dedicated to yarn bombing and I recommend liking them as they can post some brilliant photographs of yarn bombing from all over the world.

Yarn bombing bicycles is a creative niche that has sparked the imagination of many crafters. Each year there is an entire street art exhibition dedicated to yarn bombed bikes in Adelaide South Australia.

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