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Yarn Bomb Your Flamingo

With the Australian winter coming on I figured it was time to yarn bomb my pink flamingo with a cosy neck warmer.

I took my pink flamingo to the local park for this photo shoot & surprisingly nobody stared at us.

I knitted these leg warmers for my flamingo to match the neck warmer.

Knitting is the perfect winter hobby & knitting is the perfect hobby if you love yarn bombing.



Every statue needs a little warmth & this knitted jumper is just what the doctor ordered for cold nights.


I knitted this Greek flag in honour of my dad who was born on the Greek Island of Lesbos.


I also knitted this British flag (union jack) in honour of my mum who was born in the UK in Essex. I was born in Australia but I am yet to knit an Aussie flag or an Aboriginal flag. Soooo much to knit so little time.


I found this cute crochet car on ebay. It’s hand made from organic cotton & when you pull the little string it plays music, how clever. I think I might have to start knitting devises into my toys like little bells, old children’s rattles & whatever other noise makers that I can repurpose from old toys & gadgets.


I also spotted this little felt beehive purse on ebay. It’s handmade in nepal under fair trade practices.

I’m feeling ultra inspired to get out my box of felt & make some little goodies myself.

I love how looking at other peoples craft ideas can inspire new ideas in me also