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Knit bomb it. Craft it. Photograph it.

We have been putting up some yarn bombing around the neighbourhood to brighten things up a bit during winter.

Most of our yarn bombing has been met with appreciation however the the knit bombs in the local playground were removed a few days after these photographs were taken.

It’s always important to photograph your work in case the work is vandalised or removed.

When you are doing public art like yarn bombing you cannot get to attached to the work because it can be tampered with or it could fade in the sun and rain.

However some yarn bombing like the small piece in the tree pictured above lasts and lasts. This piece was done approximately two years ago and the colour is still strong and it has not been removed but it has been stretched a bit.



Yarn bombed crossing poles have been springing up around Port Adelaide.

Some surprisingly colourful yarn bombing has been brightening up the poles out front of some of the shops in Port Adelaide. The whole community is passionate about street craft or street art.

It’s amazing how many new yarn bombs have been quietly sewn onto poles in the night.

poles are the perfect canvas for yarn bombers who utilise knitting, crochet, pom-poms and even buttons.

Striped yarn bomb poles, patch work poles, blue poles, red poles and rainbow coloured poles are flooding the world of friendly street art.

Yarn bombing is a great subject for photography whether snapped with camera or phone.

If you want to try your hand at yarn bombing and you don’t have the time to knit then you can sew a scarf to a pole or tie one around a mail box, pole or tree.

These yarn bombed pillars look rather majestic.


Since I yarn bombed the poles on my front porch, door to door salesmen have stopped knocking on my door, not sure what puts them off, but I’m pleased.

I like to use really bright colours on my yarn bombed poles. I like to knit textured stitches & to sew crochet or tapestry adornments on them.

Yarn bombing looks great on oddly shaped poles.

This pink & blue pole is a knit crochet blend.

As long as you use great colours you don’t need to be a great knitter. Craft should be fun.



Every statue needs a little warmth & this knitted jumper is just what the doctor ordered for cold nights.


I knitted this Greek flag in honour of my dad who was born on the Greek Island of Lesbos.


I also knitted this British flag (union jack) in honour of my mum who was born in the UK in Essex. I was born in Australia but I am yet to knit an Aussie flag or an Aboriginal flag. Soooo much to knit so little time.


I found this cute crochet car on ebay. It’s hand made from organic cotton & when you pull the little string it plays music, how clever. I think I might have to start knitting devises into my toys like little bells, old children’s rattles & whatever other noise makers that I can repurpose from old toys & gadgets.


I also spotted this little felt beehive purse on ebay. It’s handmade in nepal under fair trade practices.

I’m feeling ultra inspired to get out my box of felt & make some little goodies myself.

I love how looking at other peoples craft ideas can inspire new ideas in me also