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This sly little street racer is one of many that decked the sidewalks of Rundle street Adelaide this january as part of the ‘BIKE SA’ ‘BIKE ART’ show. South Australians had their knitting needles clicking & their crochet hooks hooking in order to create the best selection of yarn bombed bikes that I’ve ever seen in one place.

The attention to detail in these bikes is amazing. These little crochet mushrooms are a revelation of style on a utilitarian object or, in plain english, they are sooooo cute.

How could these candy coloured mushrooms not make you smile?

The plucky little speedster. This pint sized bike was stolen, but miraculously it was returned.

This bike in a tree is really clever & a totally unique yarn bomb.

I call this the BLUE MAN BIKE.

Clearly nobody wants a soggy yarn bomb on their bike, so here’s the answer! I spotted this stylish little bike poncho on ebay.

This fabulous blue man poncho gives rain protection not just to you and a loved one but also to your hotted up scooter.


I found this little dragster in a rubbish pile on the curb at the end of my street. She was a dirty & broken chubby little three wheeler bike.

I jammed an old marker into the stub of the right handlebar which was snapped off. I disinfected the whole bike & rubbed her down with an old tea towel. The wheels are hollow & they were filled with water which I had to syphon out before I could start the yarn bombing process.I asked people to sponsor me to yarn bomb a series of cool objects to raise funds for a homeless charity & this bike was the first item that I completed for charity, if you want to find out more about my yarn bomb charity work or to donate check out this link http://fundraise.suncorpgroupbrighterfutures.com.au/ilianthe_gillkalloniatis

Yarn bombing can be done on a budget if you recycle items such as bikes, vintage knitting needles & wool from unpicked jumpers.


This bike was yarn bombed by a group of 6 women from my craft club. The bike was decorated for a street exhibition in Adelaide. Using crochet, knitting & pompon’s.

Two wheels were stolen from the bike but they were both eventually returned, which surprised me. One wheel was confiscated by a local barman from a drunk patron & the return of the other wheel remains a mystery although we did get it back after leaving a tear-stained sign on the bike asking for the wheels return.

somebody also stole our hand-made pompon’s which were sadly never returned.