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YARN BOMBING STAUE LACE CROCHETThis lovely yarn bombed statue was adorned in crochet lace, tablecloths and doilies by myself ilianthe Kalloniatis and my buddy Sarah-Jane Cook. The statue was yarn bombed as part of a lace exhibition at the Art Gallery of South Australia. yarn bombing statue lace crochetThe project took approximately 8 hours with the both of us working hard and fast on a huge scaffold. I took a few photography breaks to document the process and I really wanted to share them on my blog.yarn bomb scaffold


yarn bombing mary and child

lace on scaffoldyarn bombing lace

yarn bombing state crochet adelaide



Craft is my favourite thing to photograph and craft is my favourite hobby. Please enjoy my photography and colourful craft.

These yarn covered toys are showing up in all sorts of places.

Yarn bombing is exploding in the streets in rainbow coloured knitting and crochet.

Post boxes, tree’s and poles are brightly festooned with yarn bombing in the streets of Adelaide.

Even park benches are not immune to the craft fairies and their knitted squares.

These yarn bombed posts are bright and visible to all drivers.

This yarn bombed rocking chair is colourful and soft.

Yarn Bomb Your Flamingo

With the Australian winter coming on I figured it was time to yarn bomb my pink flamingo with a cosy neck warmer.

I took my pink flamingo to the local park for this photo shoot & surprisingly nobody stared at us.

I knitted these leg warmers for my flamingo to match the neck warmer.

Knitting is the perfect winter hobby & knitting is the perfect hobby if you love yarn bombing.


The craft of yarn bombing can take you on interesting journeys.

This yarn bombed bike has appeared in this blog before, but last time we saw it the wheels were on the ground. After this bike had a rocky life in a street art exhibition, survived stolen & returned wheels & stormy weather it has finally found a home in a palm tree. Below is a flashback of pictures from the past life of this plucky little yarn bombed bike.

When the bike was freshly yarn bombed and the yarn was bright & new.

Spotted on display on the caffe strip on Rundle st Adelaide South Australia.

After the wheels were stolen this impassioned message was left with the bike & as a result the wheels were returned although they were quite shabby. The palm tree that suspends this bike is going to be completely covered with yarn bombing so keep your eyes on this space for more photos in the future.

This bike was yarn bombed by my mates at craft club, Sarah-Jane cook, Nunya glazbrook, Branwen Davies, Maureen Cook, Melissa Waters & Me Ilianthe Kalloniatis. Special thanks goes to Nunyas mum for suggesting the wheel spoke design, which was inspired by the bike decorating competition at the Minlaton show when she was a kid.