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YARN BOMBING STAUE LACE CROCHETThis lovely yarn bombed statue was adorned in crochet lace, tablecloths and doilies by myself ilianthe Kalloniatis and my buddy Sarah-Jane Cook. The statue was yarn bombed as part of a lace exhibition at the Art Gallery of South Australia. yarn bombing statue lace crochetThe project took approximately 8 hours with the both of us working hard and fast on a huge scaffold. I took a few photography breaks to document the process and I really wanted to share them on my blog.yarn bomb scaffold


yarn bombing mary and child

lace on scaffoldyarn bombing lace

yarn bombing state crochet adelaide



I was attempting to print some old photographs and they just kept turning out wrong, the ink was uneven and there were lines through the photographs. Eventually I gave up on my printer, but I was’t ready the throw out my prints so I decided I should embroider the paper over the photos. The pictures in this post are the result of my experimentation with sewing on paper photographs. These photos originally hail from the 1940s, 1930’s and 1920’s.embroidery photos001 embroidery photos002 embroidery photos003 embroidery photos004

Love the Environment & Get Crafty the Retro Singer Sewing Machine Way. Carbon Neutral Craft.

I have just purchased this stunning little Singer sewing machine. The machine is solid steel, works perfectly & was manufactured in Scotland in 1940. It is a hand crank machine, which makes it more than just an awesome piece of machinery, it makes it carbon neutral, as I won’t need to plug it in to do my sewing. The sewing machine is heavy duty & sews thick canvas, leather & denim. Forget the plastic machinery of today & rock out with an old fashioned singer! These models are still very popular in developing countries such as India, where electricity is not always available.




20140104-110029.jpg Love the environment & get crafty!


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