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This cute little street racer is another yarn bombed bike from the bike SA, bike art exhibition.

There is so much great attention to detail in these yarn bombed bike wheels.

The night time motive on these wheels are super cute with the half moon & the owl.

Fluffy bike wheels. If you want to yarn bomb wheels like this there are loads of fluffy yarns that you can buy including chenille.

This car is the ultimate yarn bomb on wheels. I found this pic on a friends Facebook page & I think the photo was taken in Mount Barker south Australia.



This Yarn bombed bike is yet another triumph from the people at bike SA This fantastic group is bringing colour to the streets of Adelaide & at the same time encouraging cycling & craft which are both such brilliant pastimes


This rainbow bike wheel has been yarn bombed in delicate crochet by an anonymous Adelaide yarn bomber


Every household needs a crochet phone


All good yarn bombers appreciate a good cup of tea. Tea & knitting go together like a diamond & a pearl. So when I’m not knitting, crocheting, yarn bombing or blogging, I like to take tea at Tiffanys with the lovely Audrey.