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I’ve recently welcomed some new followers to my blog and as a welcome I thought it might be fun to post 20 colourful yarn bomb photographs. Each photograph illustrates a different interesting yarn bomb or yarn bombing technique that I have photographed over the past 2 years. Part of the satisfaction of yarn bombing is knitting, crocheting and the act of yarn bombing with friends. The 2nd satisfying part of yarn bombing for me is photographing colourful yarn bomb objects, including trees, grape vines, park benches, bicycles and more.

yarn bombingyarn bomb babushkaspoon windchimesSONY DSCyarn bombing toysSONY DSCyarn bomb chubby trikeyarn bombed rocking chairrainbow yarn bombed treeSONY DSCYARN BOMB TRIKESONY DSCknit for peaceyarn bombing barsSONY DSCyarn bomb bookshelfyarn bomb bookSONY DSCcrochet yarn bomb bananaSONY DSCMy friend Sarah-Jane Cooke has been involved in many of these great yarn bombs and we have been working together yarn bombing for about 2 years. We became friends around 8 years ago when we ran a market stall together selling our hand crafted gifts and toys. Crafting and yarn bombing are fun and a great way to make friends. Also check out my yarn bombing book


yarn bomb postI’ve been yarn bombing for a good few years now & in the course of my yarn bombing adventures I’ve always liked to take a lot of photographs of my yarn bombs or any outstanding yarn bombs that I’ve come across in my local neighbourhood. I’ve yarn bombed in Adelaide & Tasmania, in my own front yard & in the park on my street. Yarn bombing has bought me hours of entertainment & a lot of joy. Photographing my yarn bombs has rekindled a love of photography that I had back in my university days. All in all yarn bombing keeps me young & playful, even though it is based on the so called Granny arts of knitting & crochet.SONY DSCLook out for me in 40 years time because I’ll be the Granny with the rainbow coloured walking cane.¬†SONY DSCyarn bomb money boxI will basically yarn bomb anything thats not nailed down, including this money tin.