hand knit doll faceMy friend Sarah Jane found her old childhood doll MOLLY when her parents were doing the big spring clean to end all spring cleans. MOLLY is such a cute dolly so I took some pictures of her and some pictures of retro knitted toys that I found at my local op shop.knitted dollsI named these two knitted dolls SAILOR SAM and PEG. After I had photographed them and sat them on my shelf for a few months I decided that as I am 37years old that I probably didn’t really need them, so I decided to donate them back to the op shop. I did enjoy their company for a little while though.knitted clownI enjoy knitting and doing all sorts of yarn craft so I can appreciate a well knitted toy clown even if I am to old to play with him. I purchased CRINKLES the CLOWN from my local Vinnies charity shop and after enjoying his company for a while I donated him back to charity.knitted dollyBut back to MOLLY the DOLLY. My friend decided to give her a make over and she did a blog post about it which I have placed a link to for your enjoyment and instruction¬†

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