yarn bombing bruny island 2I yarn bombed these two trees while I was on holiday on Bruny Island Tasmania. I started knitting on the plane on the way to Tasmania and kept on knitting during my holiday, as I find knitting and craft activities very relaxing.yarn bombing tasmania 1This yarn bomb was done on private property with permission. One of the great things about these trees is that they can be seen from the road, so anybody driving down this dirt track can enjoy this semi bush yarn bombing.yarn bombing bruny island 3This yarn bombing is street art on a country road. Not a lot of dirt tracks have this kind of colourful yarn bomb tree street art.



  1. kamoorephoto

    Some similar ‘yarn bombs’ were done on trees here in Seattle (except they called it an art installation piece); how on EARTH do you get them on the trees?? I like to think of them as ‘tree warmers’ 🙂 so colorful and cozy.

    1. yarnbomb Post author

      The trick is to knit them as a flat piece and then wrap them around the tree and sew the knitting together. They are nice little tree warmers!
      🙂 thanks for stopping by the blog


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