I have been visiting Bruny Island Tasmania and whilst holidaying I have been taking the opportunity to do some knitting and some yarn bombing.yarn bombing rail 1

I couldn’t resist yarn bombing this old wooden handrail. I think the pink looks great with the green ferns and shrubbery in the background.yarn bombing rail 2I have received so many nice comments from the locals that I am keen to get in a few more yarn bombing missions before I leave.yarn bombing rail 3Tasmania is a great spot for photography and I certainly intend to take a lot of photographs and do a lot more yarn bombing while I am here. Stay tuned for upcoming posts on yarn bombing in Tasmania.


  1. katyaaustin

    Fantastic! I’ve only seen yarn-bombing in person once in San Fran. I wish more people would do this. Keep it up 🙂

  2. Cluey Suey

    as a fellow yarn bomber…I love yarn bombing on holidays…it’s a great way to meet locals…and leave them with a souvenir 🙂


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