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In many of my previous blog posts I have showcased photographs of the amazing yarn bombing work done in Port Adelaide and I thought it was time for a brief update.

The most exciting part about the mass yarn bombing of Port Adelaide is that the community loves it so much that people just keep adding to it. Random poles and Tree’s are being covered in knitting and crochet when one least expects it.

The original yarn bombings are still being enjoyed.

Even the local council seems to like the yarn bombing as they have opted to leave it intact.The local workers memorial statue has been wearing a knitted scarf and hat for several months now and no amount of wind or rain has damaged her yarn garments.


I yarn bombed this old wooden walking cane with vibrant nylon knitting yarn.

I found this wooden toy horse at my local vinnies thrift store & I decided to yarn bomb it.
I love my local vinnies thrift store and this yarn bombed pole.I found this pre-loved hand knitted toy at vinnies for half price. I thought the care that must have been taken in knitting this toy deserved to be seen by more people, so I took a few polaroids of it to share.I found this little needlepoint in a kit at a market bazaar when I was on a visit to Tasmania and I stitched it up while I was on my holiday.