Crochet is such a versatile craft you can crochet a blanket a tea cosie or even a tree cosie.

I spotted this great yarn bomb tree cosie when I was taking a stroll through Port Adelaide. The vintage buttons look fantastic with the bright yarn and textured tree bark. I also picked up some great vintage crochet blankets from Port Adelaide Vinnies thrift store and they look great in my house as wall hangings and throw rugs.

I love decorating with yarn and felt toys and this little toy is something that I hand stitched when I was on holiday in a caravan and now it’s stuck to the front front door.

I love crafting on my holidays because I find it so relaxing. I sewed this little felt toy while I was on a family holiday at christmas. The buttons make great eyes although they are probably not safe for children under three but since I’m in my thirties I think I can manage not to swallow the buttons.

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