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These delightful crochet toys were made by my friend Branwen Davies & I photographed them in my very overgrown backyard.

These little aliens were made freestyle with no pattern & they are completely individual one of a kind creatures.This crochet teddy is relaxing by the pool. The pool is actually the top of my rainwater tank.The garden gnomes are wondering where the crochet giraffe came from. Craft is so much fun.


knit bombing and crochet yarn bombing are craft sensations this season.

Yarn bombing is a colourful form of street art that appeals to people of all ages.Yarn bombing is a soft and fluffy way to brighten up any old pole or street sign.

Grab a pair of knitting needles or a crochet hook and join the fun.The humble crochet doily is a wonderful inspiration for yarn bombers and crochet lovers.


I knit to relax and since I already have too many scarves and plenty of blankets I started using my knits to yarn bomb poles and tree’s out front of my house and in my local area.When I’m not knitting in front of the telly or out yarn bombing harmless light poles I make shoes.I hand stitched this pair. The laces are made from grosgrain ribbon & I made little bluebird shoelace hangers for them.I’m very inspired by retro designs so I hand stitched these little toe tappers in paisley.Junk shopping is a pass time of mine & the funny little objects that I find inspire me. I love the kitsch elegance of this swan. I also love the retro feel of polaroid photography.


There is something very friendly about the art of yarn bombing.Yarn bombing poles with knitting and crochet is a colourful and increasingly popular form of street art.

I enjoy taking close up photographs of the lovely stitches and weaves in these pieces.There is something about a colourful yarn bomb that makes me feel like I have entered a children’s picture book like a dr seuss maybe.The little attentions to detail on these poles are lovely with pompoms and streamers.The chunky hand stitching adds to the effect.
I have noticed that people love to stop and touch the yarn bombs because they are very tactile.


You can yarn bomb with crochet with knitting, old blankets or jumpers. As long as it’s colourful and fun and done with care yarn bombing will spice up and warm up any neighbourhood.It doesn’t have to cost a lot to knit a tree warmer if you use vintage wool from the thrift store or even an old unpicked jumper.Is this tree up for lease? I’ll take it.Anybody can take a crack at yarn bombing including girls & boys, kids & grownups alike.It’s fun to knit craft & sew & it’s always nice to snap a colourful photograph when it’s done.


People from all walks of life are coming together in a bid to yarn bomb Port Adelaide. Local businesses are getting involved and local government is showing support for the growing trend.Some of the yarn bombers are keeping their identities close to their chests while others are tagging their work.

The yarn bombing began at the start of winter and is an ongoing project. People from all areas of the community are getting involved and enthusiasm is still running strong.Those who don’t know how to knit or crochet are getting involved by stitching old jumpers scarves and hand made pompoms to buildings, poles and lamp posts.Yarn bombing is a friendly form of street art that has proved popular within the local community and with tourists who love to photograph the work.


Crochet is such a versatile craft you can crochet a blanket a tea cosie or even a tree cosie.

I spotted this great yarn bomb tree cosie when I was taking a stroll through Port Adelaide. The vintage buttons look fantastic with the bright yarn and textured tree bark. I also picked up some great vintage crochet blankets from Port Adelaide Vinnies thrift store and they look great in my house as wall hangings and throw rugs.

I love decorating with yarn and felt toys and this little toy is something that I hand stitched when I was on holiday in a caravan and now it’s stuck to the front front door.

I love crafting on my holidays because I find it so relaxing. I sewed this little felt toy while I was on a family holiday at christmas. The buttons make great eyes although they are probably not safe for children under three but since I’m in my thirties I think I can manage not to swallow the buttons.


In many of my previous blog posts I have showcased photographs of the amazing yarn bombing work done in Port Adelaide and I thought it was time for a brief update.

The most exciting part about the mass yarn bombing of Port Adelaide is that the community loves it so much that people just keep adding to it. Random poles and Tree’s are being covered in knitting and crochet when one least expects it.

The original yarn bombings are still being enjoyed.

Even the local council seems to like the yarn bombing as they have opted to leave it intact.The local workers memorial statue has been wearing a knitted scarf and hat for several months now and no amount of wind or rain has damaged her yarn garments.


I yarn bombed this old wooden walking cane with vibrant nylon knitting yarn.

I found this wooden toy horse at my local vinnies thrift store & I decided to yarn bomb it.
I love my local vinnies thrift store and this yarn bombed pole.I found this pre-loved hand knitted toy at vinnies for half price. I thought the care that must have been taken in knitting this toy deserved to be seen by more people, so I took a few polaroids of it to share.I found this little needlepoint in a kit at a market bazaar when I was on a visit to Tasmania and I stitched it up while I was on my holiday.