Yarn bombed scooter, decorated with crochet. By Auntie Pearl & her niece Amanda

Yarn bombed kids bike, decorated with knitting.

Crochet apple.

Crochet eggplant.

Crochet fruit made by Sarah-Jane cook.

Crochet cakes.

Crochet icing and cherry topper.

Yarn bombed tea pot.

This great flower design tea cosy was bought buy a friend from the beanie festival in Alice Springs. Cosy by Kate B Designs.

This lamp shade has been adorned with little crochet rounds.


    1. yarnbomb Post author

      Yarn bombing seems to be gaining popularity all over the world it is certainly popular in my home town of Adelaide in South Australia

    1. yarnbomb Post author

      The bike took about a week & it’s made using scrap yarn & a broken kids bike that my neighbours were throwing out. Different projects take different amounts of time something simple can be done in an evening & it’s lots of fun

      1. yarnbomb Post author

        Hi. Quick apology. When I first read this comment I thought it was pertaining to a winged scooter from a different post & as a result I have deleted & re written my reply. The scooter was completed by a local group of yarn bombers in port Adelaide. At the time of completion the yarn bombers were working under the alias Auntie Pearl. Many of the people involved were local traders. If the real Auntie pearl is ready to come forward? I would be honoured to credit your fine work! Please message with full name or taggers title, so amendments can be made! Cheers PS for now I have amended the credit in the blog to say Auntie Pearl & her niece Amanda.

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    1. yarnbomb Post author

      hi. Yes yarn bombing is a new craft genre & its really bringing the community together in my town where there are yarn bomb craft groups.

  2. Roshni

    Awesome photos. Love the colours, and the imagination is beautiful! Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

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