Craft is my favourite thing to photograph and craft is my favourite hobby. Please enjoy my photography and colourful craft.

These yarn covered toys are showing up in all sorts of places.

Yarn bombing is exploding in the streets in rainbow coloured knitting and crochet.

Post boxes, tree’s and poles are brightly festooned with yarn bombing in the streets of Adelaide.

Even park benches are not immune to the craft fairies and their knitted squares.

These yarn bombed posts are bright and visible to all drivers.

This yarn bombed rocking chair is colourful and soft.

3 thoughts on “CRAFT PHOTOGRAPHY

  1. hipoptimist

    These are inspirational, I’m on crutches right now and you’re making me see possibilities for prettying them up a little! Thank you.

  2. foxfirearts

    I love the trike and rocking horse! Walking stick and crutches sound great, too. It’s amazing how signs which are for selling things or telling people what to do are left up, while images meant to inspire and delight disappear.


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