The yarn bombed tree’s in Port Adelaide have been garnering a lot of attention and the local children love them so much that they have been making pom-poms to hang on them.

This lovely tree is yarn bombed with delicate crochet by a mystery street artist who was inspired by the Port Adelaide yarn bombing crew headed by auntie Pearl.

This tree has a little peep hole to look out on the world with.

This tree has been yarn bombed with strategic colours that match the fence behind it and it seems perfect for photography.

These yarn bombed tree’s are swathed in multi-coloured knitting. 

Yarn bombing in Port Adelaide has really taken off in popularity and it’s even becoming a bit of a tourist attraction. On weekends lots of people are seen wandering about with cameras and big smiles.

Our local yarn bombing has even made it to the paper, the 5 o’clock news and the ABC radio did an interview with auntie Pearl.

Theres even a tree covered in the local Port Power football team colours.

The autumn leaves set off the colours of the yarn perfectly and come spring there could be some lovely yarn blossoms.

Street art and craft meld perfectly when it comes to yarn bombing.

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