This yarn bombed rocking horse has been getting around town. The horse was spotted rocking out over the queens birthday long weekend at Jackalope gallery in Port Adelaide.

These window boxes out the front of Jackalope have been beautifully yarn bombed.

Random acts of yarn bombing just keep on happening on Lipson st Port Adelaide.

I think this knit bomb bike overstayed it’s 2 hour parking limit.

Lipson st is clean and warm thanks to a group of mystery craft enthusiasts, knitters and crochet street artists.

The corner pub has even caught the knitting bug.

And local shoppers just can’t get enough of this yarn bombing craze. People have been flocking to Port Adelaide to check out the knitted world of the port.

Photography is a popular pastime around Port Adelaide and no wonder when there are so many bright and wonderful things to point a camera at.

6 thoughts on “YARN CRAFT and PHOTOGRAPHY

  1. bubblegirlout

    I love the yarn bombing movement, but lately I started wondering if that may damage the trees, does anyone know? That is the only thing that concerns me, otherwise I love it and I wish I had a chapter here in Boston, Massachusetts 😦

    1. yarnbomb Post author

      Hi. I wondered that myself so I checked it out and it does not damage the tree’s according to a horticulturist whom I spoke to.
      Also a friend of mine did her tree when her son was born & now he is nearly three and her tree is flourishing.

      1. bubblegirlout

        Great!! that gives me a sigh of relif because things look so beautiful covered with yarn bombing and it would be sad that it would make the trees sick πŸ™‚
        thank you for your reply!

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