Since I yarn bombed the poles on my front porch, door to door salesmen have stopped knocking on my door, not sure what puts them off, but I’m pleased.

I like to use really bright colours on my yarn bombed poles. I like to knit textured stitches & to sew crochet or tapestry adornments on them.

Yarn bombing looks great on oddly shaped poles.

This pink & blue pole is a knit crochet blend.

As long as you use great colours you don’t need to be a great knitter. Craft should be fun.


  1. Mhrylyn

    Your yarns look great and obviously have an added value. I think our post box needs doing when you visit.

  2. stitchedupmama

    Maybe the salesmen just don’t understand a unique and creative personality! Perhaps that’s the reason they stay away – would the person who lives here be interested in something as mundane as a vacuum cleaner? =D


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