Rocking Horse Racer yarn bombing in progress

Yarn bombing this rocking horse has been a long project for me. It all started when I found this little second hand rocking horse in the st Vinnies op-shop.

The horse is wooden & very cute however I thought it could do with a little yarn bombing make-over.

This is the rocking horse when it was only half covered in brilliant yarn. The nose is crochet    & the rest is knitted wool & acrylic knitted on 6mm needles with 8 ply yarn.

The horsey still has three legs to cover & a rocker in this picture. Sewing the coverings on the rockers seemed easier to do on my couch so I let horsey have the best seat in the house.

Horsey the rocking horse still needs a bit more work doing! Some eyes are to be sewn on & possibly a bridle & some other little unexpected flourishes. I think he might even go on some adventures. For updates on horsey & my other yarn bombing projects watch this space or even follow my blog.

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