This yarn bombed rocking chair is still a work in progress however it is progressing really fast now. The chair is covered primarily with knitting & a little crochet. The chair lives on the verandah & rocks when its windy.

The rocking chair is solid wood under the festival of coloured yarn.The chair looks different from every angle because of the mix & match colours on the arms & spokes. The texture of the yarn brings an extra dimension to the chair. The brighter yarns tend to be polyester blends while the earth tones are more likely to be sheep’s wool.

The knitted pieces are moulded around the chair arms, seat etc & hand stitched into place.  The chair is soooo much more comfortable to sit on than a plain wood finish chair because the knitted pieces pad it out so nicely.

I’m so excited by this chair that I have just bought one more from the local used furniture store so I that I can yarn bomb a second one, I even felt bold & negotiated a better price for cash.

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